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About Me

Grateful and Grounded

I think I'm what the kids call an "elder millennial" but I prefer old soul. The fifth of five girls, I grew up surrounded by love with the true belief that everyday was an exciting new adventure. Beginning in second grade, reading aloud in class was one of my favorite things to do. I would challenge myself to read the entirety of my assigned section to my peers without stumbling or pausing unnecessarily. I wanted to bring the boring textbook material on the page to life with perfect inflection that just might keep my classmates awake...and if we were up against the bell, I was your gal! To speak clearly and concisely while under a time constraint was the most fun of all, and I wanted to be the best. So, maybe I was always training for voicework!


I enjoyed an idyllic childhood in a literal village of three hundred people and found theatre in college. I fell hard for the stage and finally found the thing that I worked at that didn't feel like work at all. But I knew that a life in theatre meant moving away from my simple Midwestern life and family to court rejection, so I decided to pursue Communication instead. I received my Master's degree on Friday and began work as a Copywriter and Traffic Director at a local radio group on Monday. I had no idea what I was doing, but I needed a job and the Universe led me (as it always does) to a shoe that fit... and I happily wore it for sixteen years. During that time I honed my writing skills, and delighted in doing voicework all day everyday. I met so many wonderful people and collaborated with humans from all walks of life...from bank presidents to exterminators, ministers to morticians. About three years ago, I decided to make this voice thing a side hustle...and it grew into a promising career that I now pursue full time.


I am so grateful to get to do something I love that allows me to work remotely just down the hall from my dear husband, and gives me the flexibility to always be available for my delightful nine year old daughter, who is growing up entirely too fast. They are my 'why'. When I'm not lending my voice to E-Learning projects, YouTube videos, Medical Narrations, Radio and TV Commercials or other VO jobs...I'm making a cup of coffee, walking around my yard barefoot (as the weather allows), and being humbled by the journey. 


Professional History

I just did the one job for a long time...

Creative  Director
Galesburg Broadcasting 

2006 -  2022


Directed and led a creative team that wrote and produced radio commercials on 4 locally owned stations with over 50,000 daily listeners.

Managed an average of twenty-five projects every week for 16 years.

Wrote compelling radio copy and managed commercial production with start to finish project completion in a deadline driven environment.

Won over 20 Illinois Broadcaster Association Silver Dome Awards for copywriting and commercial production. 

Acted as the middle-woman between the sales team and production staff, diffusing strong personalities and diverse working styles with humor and mutual respect. 

Met with clients to conduct "creative uncoveries" to determine their business's unique selling proposition and design branding campaigns that showcased them through strategic marketing. 

Connected with, coached, and recorded clients in studio, to deliver effective radio messages.


Edited audio and scripts on the fly as needed to accomplish commercial perfection. 

Hosted an afternoon drive show on an adult contemporary station.

Made sure everything ran exactly when and how it should on four radio stations with strong attention to detail! 


Had a blast doing great work!  

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